Don’t Fall Victim to Cyber-Attacks: Check This Checklist

By Jason Richmond, CEO & Chief Culture Officer at Ideal Outcomes, Inc.

In the rush to set up work from home systems there’s a critical aspect you may well have missed: cybersecurity.

With so many employees working remotely and connecting online via numerous platforms the vulnerability to being hacked is greatly intensified. 

What can you do to reduce the risk?

The Cyber Management Alliance, one of the global frontrunners in cyber crisis management has created a ‘Remote Working Cybersecurity checklist.’

Usual suggestions range from password protection (something we should all have been concerned about even before the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic) to extra precautions when using mobile devices.

One message in particular struck home. Create a culture where employees aren’t afraid to own up to making a mistake. If they click on a malicious link, for instance, it’s important that they let you know.

Another thing that’s easy to forget in this inter-connected world of ours: the proliferation in homes of smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Homepod and Google’s Home. Avoid confidential calls and business discussions in their neighborhood!

Finally, remind all staff to respect the privacy of their colleagues and their clients.

The full checklist can be found here.