Great reviews for “Culture Ignited” on Amazon

Jason Richmond’s new book “Culture Ignited: 5 Disciplines for Adaptive Leadership” has been winning great reviews on The first six reviews of the book, co-authored with Jeanne Kerr and Malcolm J. Nicholl, all gained five stars and comments such as “Wow!” “A great job.” Highly recommended.”

“Purpose drives profits and profits sustain purpose." 

Aaron LeBlanc: “Just finished reading Culture Ignited in one sitting and WOW!! I wish I had this book years ago as it would have helped me learn how to lead with intention and purpose.
 The content within this book details how organizations can effectively adapt and evolve their corporate culture. Jason, Malcolm and Jeanne share their playbook for how to inspire and communicate a shared purpose, build trust and authenticity, improve performance management skills, build human capabilities and develop talent, and create diversity and inclusion within the company -- all critical components to highly successful businesses.

What I appreciate most about this book is that it comes from experience and practice, not just theory. This was a nice solid read that will help greatly as I build a high performance culture for my own company. Highly recommended. Pick this one up if you want to create true competitive advantage with your team.” 

Culture is critical

M. Zachman: “I couldn’t wait for the second book from Jason Richmond!!! Being an Ideal Outcomes client for years the content DOES go a long way to helping me create a culture of enthusiastic team members embracing each day! Jason and his team bleed enthusiastically the concepts and vision.” 

Great leaders create great cultures

Stephen G. Hart: “I love this book! It is the second by Jason Richmond and is a perfect complement to his first: Culture Spark. In this book, Jason integrates the lessons leaders have learned from the pandemic and he shares practical strategies and ideas on how to make our organizations more humanistic in the post pandemic era. Every leader should read this book, especially if they want to leave a positive and lasting legacy of their leadership.” 

A culture of agility engendered by adaptive leadership trumps everything!

“Your adaptive leadership and culture, with the agility required, is your only competitive advantage which has any permanence these days! Everything else is increasingly temporary increasingly quickly! Jason Richmond’s latest book does a great job in building that bridge from classical leadership to agile leadership. It’s a great read.”

Great blend of research and practical application

Balustrade of Little Italy: “This is one book that will not sit on my shelf. The suggestions and tips are eminently useful. I will be asking my managers to read this book so that we can decide how to put the many ideas into practice. The research is of great value, and very useful for developing presentations to senior leaders on how to advance our company culture strategy. A very good investment, indeed. I highly recommend this book to any senior or middle manager looking for ways to build a thriving culture.”

Leadership and culture above all else

Matthew Dehn: “Jason's career and experience ranges from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Great leadership creates a great culture in the office and company as a whole. Very excited for this book as a complement to his first, Culture Spark. The practices and principles he leans on creates the sustainable growth of the companies he has worked with. Can't speak highly enough of Jason's work.” 
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