Jason Richmond Featured on The Business Mastermind Podcast

Jason Richmond, CEO and Founder of Ideal Outcomes, guested on The Business Mastermind podcast to discuss the importance of culture and leadership with remote teams.

Host Gavin Preston, an expert in business growth strategies, says that the key takeaways from the thirty-minute interview were:

  • Creating dynamic cultures and great working environments should be the cornerstone of any company. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is an evolving process.
  • No one could have been prepared for the impact of COVID, especially on home working. The companies who have succeeded were the ones who were agile, providing their teams with the tools needed.
  • Leaders have succeeded by keeping teams engaged by tailoring communications and motivational methods to suit the fact that the work environment has radically altered.
  • The way in which we act as a leader must change,  especially in the light of a return to the workplace.
  • Leaders must accept that their roles have been largely assumed by teams who were asked to, at least partly, self-govern.

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