Jason Richmond Guests on “Partnering Leadership” Podcast

“How to Ignite Your Organization’s Culture.” That was the subject of Jason Richmond’s appearance on the highly-rated “Partnering Leadership with Mahan Tavakoli” podcast.

In addition to speaking about the importance of organizational culture, Jason shared specific actions leaders can take to ignite their team's workplace culture including:

  • How leaders can assess the strengths and weaknesses of their organizational culture.
  • An explanation of adaptive leadership and why it matters in today's organizations.
  • How to connect trust and authenticity to create the right workplace culture.    
  • The role of performance management in organizational culture.
  • Best practices for building capabilities and developing talent in the organization.
Said Mahan, “I really enjoyed this conversation, as I have seen Jason lead his own organization with a great culture, and support other organizations in having great cultures too. Thank you Jason so much for sharing your leadership insights with me and through the podcast to countless others!” https://bit.ly/3FYAT9m