Keeping Your Workforce Motivated

Inspiring a shared purpose is a powerful way to motivate your teams and move your organization forward.

While it’s essential for a company to make a profit, purpose is what drives commitment and passion. Purpose is what differentiates you to your customers, vendors, employees, and potential employees. For a business to flourish, its leaders recognize that purpose drives profits and profits sustain purpose. Companies with a healthy culture thrive because they create the sense that everyone is in it together and that they care about more than the bottom line.

To achieve that healthy culture, leaders need to lead by example and not only reiterate the corporate purpose but also live it and display it in every action they take. A simple shift in perspective to leading performance rather than just managing performance lays the foundation for a more inspirational, motivational approach. Leading implies empowerment and autonomy for employees and a manager who is a coach to team members rather than a top-down boss.

Delivering such inspiration in regular, consistent, open and forthright progress reports goes a long way in developing unbreakable bonds. Use one or more platforms for those communications, including email blasts, audio-video conferencing, and online town halls.

Look for ways to create the sense for employees that their jobs do not feel like work. Give them flexibility and autonomy while challenging them to achieve more and contribute to the organization’s purpose. If you develop an environment with these attributes and acknowledge employees for their contributions, you develop an enduring culture.