More 5-Star Reviews for “Culture Ignited”

Five-star reviews keep rolling in for Jason Richmond’s new book “Culture Ignited: 5 Disciplines for Adaptive Leadership.” Here is a sampling of the latest. Available on Amazon:

A Healthy Culture Leads to Endless Opportunities

“I have been in career education for over 30 years and I have not experienced anything as good as ‘Culture Ignited.’ ‘Culture Ignited’ has given my workforce the boost we needed to propel us through this COVID crisis. ‘Culture Ignited’ will maximize your professional development and give you the tools necessary to ignite change.” --Bryce Bielenberg

Jason Richmond is the world’s leader in corporate culture change – Love it!

“Our firm has been working with Jason Richmond exclusively for some time now. We have found the Ideal Outcomes team, their books and their courses to be outstanding. In regards to this book, I found it to be perfectly aligned with the principles our firm experiences every day from their training. It is straight forward, innovative and for us, it cleared the way for new bottom-line growth we did not know we could achieve, until we implemented Jason Richmond's teachings. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” –Keren G.

Informative, Applicable, and dare I say…Inspirational!

“Jason Richmond and his team does it again! What I enjoy most about this book are the practical steps Jason outlines in assessing and building (or re-building) one's company culture. Drawing from lessons learned from the pandemic, this book is a good blend of INFORMATION, INSPIRATION, and practical APPLICATION. CULTURE IGNITED is a MUST HAVE for executives who desire to intentionally build and shape a work culture that allows their people to bring their authentic selves and do their best work.” – Steve Thomas 

Adaptive Leadership for all leaders

“Culture Ignited provides leaders with practical, useful strategies to lead their teams in an ever-changing environment. Immediate application is possible to have a positive impact on teams and help leaders navigate unchartered waters successfully. It definitely is a "go to" resource.” -- Laura

Essential for new employers!

I bought this book as I was starting my new marketing business with three employees. I’ve always struggled with employer-employee relations and knew that if I was going to achieve maximum productivity and a lower turnover rate, I needed guidance. Simply put: This book was educating.”—Maxwell Alles