New Workplace Culture Podcast “The One Advantage” Promotes a “Peer-Powered Culture of Agility”

Three leading authors and thought leaders join forces to deliver vital leadership development guidance to business executives

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – JANUARY 8th, 2022 – Ideal Outcomes, Inc. announces the launch of a new podcast “The One Advantage” for CEOs, executives and their teams undertaking the transformation journey to a peer-powered culture of agility.

The bi-weekly podcast is hosted by three leading authors and practitioners: Jason Richmond, an authority on culture, Mike Richardson, an expert on agility, and Leo Bottary, a thought leader on peer power.

These experts triangulate insights at the intersection of culture, agility and peer power to help business leaders develop a long-lasting competitive advantage.

The value proposition of The One Advantage is born of three undeniable truths: 1) Culture matters. It’s at the core of an organization’s capacity to achieve long-term productivity. 2) “Can do” cultures are driven by people - by peer influence. It’s what runs horizontally through a company that strengthens what’s vertical. 3) Agility stimulates adaptability and resilience, helping an organization confront anything that’s thrown its way with flexibility and confidence.

In a joint statement the three hosts said, “The One Advantage brings tomorrow’s logic to how we will address the challenges and seize the opportunities of our fast-changing world. By triangulating well-documented insights at the intersection of culture, peer power, and agility, we create synergies that increase employee ownership, bring an organization’s purpose and core values to life, empower people to identify opportunity in adversity, and help teams act with greater clarity.”

Jason Richmond is President/CEO and Chief Culture Officer at Ideal Outcomes, Inc., and author of “Culture Ignited: 5 Disciplines for Adaptive Leadership” and “Culture Spark: 5 Steps to Ignite and Sustain Organizational Growth.” An in-demand keynote speaker, he is widely recognized as a noted authority on helping companies build strong, sustained revenue growth by empowering their employees and developing energizing workplace cultures.

Leo Bottary is the founder and managing partner of Peernovation, LLC, and an award-winning author of three books, including “Peernovation: What Peer Groups Can Teach Us About Building High Performing Teams.” Prior to teaching at Rutgers, Leo was an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University. Earlier in his career, he served in senior leadership positions at Mullen and Hill & Knowlton.

Mike Richardson, author of “Wheel$pin: The Agile Executive’s Manifesto,” started his career as a petroleum engineer on offshore oil and gas drilling rigs with Shell International. After obtaining his MBA at London Business School, he ran the Aerospace Division of a British public company. He has spent nearly twenty years as an author, keynote speaker, facilitator, coach and board member.

“The One Advantage” podcast is currently available on Sitch Radio, Spreaker, and Apple.