Online Solutions to Keep Remote Workforces Engaged

Ideal Outcomes launches six interactive classes to keep your business thriving

The workshops work best when we all work together.”— Jason Richmond

CHICAGO, IL, US, March 26, 2020 / -- Working from home is the new norm as we all play our part doing whatever is necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19.

But this sudden new reality has raised challenges for corporate executives and employees alike. Many have been unprepared for the various difficulties that are presented by working remotely. 

Ideal Outcomes, Inc. provides solutions in a series of live inter-interactive 75-minute workshops designed to keep employees engaged and productive. The classes include the same kind of tools that the company uses in a classroom environment—charts, whiteboards, and break-out rooms. Expert facilitators take polls, encourage participants to raise their hands, and ask questions. All in a virtual environment.

“The workshops work best when we all work together,” says company founder and chief culture officer, Jason Richmond.

Each class, with a maximum of twenty-five participants, is seamlessly presented by a two-person team—a talented facilitator and producer. Ideal Outcomes has a wealth of experience, nationally and internationally, delivering leadership training workshops for corporations large and small in many industries, as well as government agencies, and educational institutions.

Adds Richmond, author of Culture Spark: 5 Steps to Ignite and Sustain Organizational Growth and a member of Forbes Business Council, “Our classes address many of the key issues that companies are suddenly facing in light of the growing pandemic. They give corporate leaders and team members effective tips for working in this new situation.”

Richmond says that many of the key questions that are addressed include:

How do you communicate with large groups of people when you can’t sit around the conference table? How do you engage socially when there’s no water cooler or break room? How do you focus on work when children and pets demand your attention? How do you keep track of projects and make sure everyone is performing as effectively as they did in the office? 

And what about mental well-being? What can you do to alleviate the stress we face coping with a growing pandemic that’s changed everything about the way we live and work?

Working from home can be lonely. How do you build a sense of camaraderie with colleagues spread across multiple time zones?

Each workshop is affordably priced at $95.00 per person and delivered via Webex. For more information: