Upcoming Podcasts for Jason Richmond

Ideal Outcomes’ founder Jason Richmond will be the featured guest on at least two podcasts during the month of July.

On the Jostle Corporation’s “People At Work” podcast Jason will be interviewed by Bev Attfield the company’s Principal of Workplace Science. 

Jostle is an employee intranet platform, based in Vancouver, Canada, recognized by KMWorld as a trend-setting product. Jostle says that its platform helps companies satisfy the five workplace needs of purpose, culture, clarity, recognition, and trust, an approach that achieves participation rates 5X industry norms

On the podcast “22 Motivational Minutes with Marlo” host Marlo Higgins will be in charge of the microphone. Marlo describes herself as a “triple-crown entrepreneur.” She was part of starting a company, re-branding another and launching her own. As a Chief Inspirational Officer, she focuses on the development of people by unearthing their values, talents and self-worth (aka self-esteem). 

Says Jason, “I’m looking forward to discussing the importance of companies having the right kind of culture and also working their way through the Covid-19 pandemic so they emerge with a strong, positive outlook.”

Both interviews will be recorded. Air dates will be announced later.