Create Your Culture Journey Game Plan

You can use the Culture Journey Game Plan tool to help you develop your strategy. Thoughtfully answer these 17 key questions, and you will be on your way to improving your organization's culture. Remember, tracking culture change is just one part of your planning and measurement process. Your goal is to see positive culture change trends over time that correlate with positive business metrics or KPI changes throughout your journey.

1. Explore business imperatives

Choose one of your top 3 business imperatives and brainstorm tactics to improve strengths and address improvement opportunities. Repeat with other top business imperatives and values that support these.  

2. Communicate tactics

Clearly communicate these tactics to all members of your organization using multiple formats for the message. Get buy-in from key employees. 

3. Celebrate wins

In addition to being prepared with interventions for initiatives not meeting goals, be sure to have rewards and recognition plans for goals that are met. Celebrate when certain milestones are reached to keep the momentum going. 

What You Get

An interactive tool that will get you started in preparing your game plan to enhance your organization's culture. Partner with key team members to thoughtfully answer the 17 questions posed here and create a plan to track your culture change.

It’s Time to Develop Your Strategy!