Engagement Survey

Engagement surveys take an “I” perspective. Engagement measures an individual employee’s emotional and intellectual connection and commitment to the company. They target employees’ feelings about their day-to-day work experience, their managers, and leadership. Engaged employees use greater discretionary effort in all they do. They are more productive, motivated, innovative, and creative, and they take more ownership of results. Download this short example of an engagement survey. 

1. Review the example

Determine the right time to survey your employees on their engagement. Discuss what you want to get out of the survey to help improve your culture. 

2. Create a plan

Be sure you have a plan for acting on the results of an engagement survey before you deploy the survey. Nothing disengages employees more than asking how they feel and then not acting on it. 

3. Survey employees

Purchase an off-the-shelf survey, work with a vendor to semi-customize your survey, or custom design the engagement survey yourself, starting with these example questions.

What You Get

A sample of a typical employee engagement survey to get you started. 

It’s Time to Learn How Engaged Your Employees Are