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There’s one critical advantage that will help every business leader thrive. Ideal Outcomes brings you the One Advantage, which consists of a healthy workplace culture fueled by the power of peer advisory groups and agile leadership. Peer advisory groups inspire more effective collaboration. They help maximize productivity, bring a sense of psychological safety, and elevate accountability. Agile leadership is not only about responding effectively to the unexpected. It’s about proactively anticipating and preparing for what might be next. When peer groups and agility are embedded in a positive workplace culture, employees have confidence in their leaders’ adaptability and believe the company can prosper in an ever-changing world.

Jason Richmond, Leo Bottary, and Mike Richardson bring together their expertise working with companies, ranging from startups to Fortune 100s, to deliver a “peer-powered culture of agility.”

Community  Peer Groups

Join the conversation. Meet with fellow leaders from your own industry and others. Discover how you can succeed in our accelerating world of disruptive change.

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Introduction e-Book

Jason, Mike, and Leo combine forces to co-author a compelling 44-page introduction to the benefits of bringing The One Advantage system to any organization.


Invest 30-minutes or so every two weeks to hear a stimulating and informative podcast with the three primary hosts and a multitude of expert guests sharing their best practices.

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Watch—as well as listen—to our podcasts. Access informative videos delivered by The One Advantage team on a variety of subjects. Learn from the best.

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Explore our online courses summarizing the key elements of actionable strategies to get your workplace culture on track using agility and peer-to-peer connectivity.