The Leaders that Build World-Leading Culture

Meet our expert team of culture evolution consultants.

Jason Richmond

CEO and Chief Culture Officer

Jason is one of the foremost authorities on building, growing, and igniting organizational culture. He brings his vast experience developing Fortune 100 companies into his Leadership Development Journey framework.

Laura Nortz

Senior Vice President and Culture Strategist

Laura is an expert researcher and internationally recognized leadership coach that works with organizational leaders to design custom solutions for each organization’s unique cultural needs and growth goals.

Nikki Vescovi

Culture Strategist

Nikki is an internationally experienced and skilled trainer with a passion for neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and the art of breaking down communication barriers in order to foster stronger communication.

Jennifer Cassidy

Culture Strategist

Jennifer has been training top global brands since the dawn of this century and brings her experience with clients like Starbucks, Pfizer, Cisco, World Bank, the US Army, and more, into training at Ideal Outcomes.

Steve Thomas

Culture Strategist

Steve is passionate about impacting the quality of life of others by adding value through coaching, speaking and mentoring. Currently, he partners with organizations to solve business issues by developing their greatest asset, PEOPLE, through Dale Carnegie programs.

Alejandra Baker

Culture Strategist

Alejandra is a dynamic bilingual (English – Spanish) Corporate Trainer and Learning Consultant with over 15 years of experience working in multicultural environments, designing and facilitating programs that impact the productivity and performance of her clients.

Mike Richardson

Culture Strategist, Agility Specialist

Mike brings unique insights from the real world—as a Petroleum Engineer on offshore oil and gas drilling rigs, leader of the aerospace division of a British public company, and as a longtime CEO and Key Executive peer advisory group Chair and Speaker for Vistage Worldwide.

Leo Bottary

Culture Strategist, Peernovation Specialist

Leo is the founder and managing partner of Peernovation, LLC, and co-founder of The One Advantage. Leo is an award-winning author of three books, including Peernovation: What Peer Advisory Groups Can Teach Us About Building High Performing Teams (2020). He is also a keynote speaker, podcaster, workshop facilitator, advisory board member/opinion columnist for CEOWORLD magazine, and adjunct professor for Rutgers University. 

Malcolm Nicholl

Communications Strategist

Malcolm leads Ideal Outcomes’ communications across all platforms creating content and social media strategy. A former award-winning international journalist, his career included a two-year stint as Belfast bureau chief for London’s Daily Mirror.

Brett Potts

Culture Strategist, Business Growth Specialist

Brett is a business owner and licensed investment banker specializing in organic and inorganic corporate growth. His work includes strategy consulting, sales psychology, financial analysis, performance analysis and forecasting, applied through practical and engaging corporate training

Bill Bertolet

Culture Strategist, Business Growth Specialist

Bill has 25+ years’ experience in the performance improvement industry supporting clients in multiple industries by helping them implement growth strategies. Key performance improvement areas include Sales, Leadership, Customer Relations, Team Building and Presentation Effectiveness. 

Karen Kimsey-Sward

Culture Consultant

Karen has over 25 years of experience working with a wide range of organizations helping them to move to the “next level” of performance. She’s known for her strategic yet practical approach to working with leaders at all levels to drive revenue growth, operational excellence and employee engagement. Karen brings a unique perspective to clients as a business owner who has been through all stages of a company’s life; from its founding through the various levels of growth.

Nick Schmitt

Creative Director

Nicholas is our resident creator. With extensive design experience, he transforms written words and spoken values into transformative change plans that act as owner’s manuals for the companies that Ideal Outcomes serves.

Barbara Gold

Senior eLearning and Development Director

Barbara is our resident technologist with an affinity for technological program design. She leverages the latest technologies to develop engaging eLearning programs that drive real behavioral change for clients.

Sheila McVeigh

Coach and Master Trainer

Sheila helps clients challenge the status quo and get comfortable with the uncomfortable. She’s a powerful change agent that has conducted professional development training for the likes of Google and Red Bull.